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Prestigious Fellowships Advising provides guidance for students and alumni considering application for nationally and internationally competitive fellowship opportunities.

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What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is a merit-based award that funds study, research, or travel during or after undergraduate education. A fellowship differs from a scholarship in encouraging a cohort of recipients who are invited to share experiences and develop a network that may extend into their professional careers. A fellowship is NOT a need-based scholarship. Prestigious Fellowships Advising supports primarily undergraduate students and recent graduates who are pursuing the awards described in the pages on this site or other, similar opportunities. To explore fellowships opportunities at Georgia Tech, schedule an appointment with an advisor or review our site to learn about fellowships, deadlines, and next steps.

Undergraduates seeking need-based support should consult the Office of Financial Aid. Graduate students should consult their research supervisors for awards opportunities to support their research or advanced degrees.

Students from a variety of majors and backgrounds have successfully applied for prestigious fellowships. Learn about how recent recipients have grown from the application process and fellowship experiences.

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